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Lawyer Career Description
Democratic countries like Canada would consider Lawyers central figures. A Lawyers' job may involve court cases, traffic disputes, malpractice, corporate legalities, real estate transactions, law making, law enforcement, and much more. Law firms may be operated with partners or alone in private law practice.
More and Canadian attorneys now work for industry, small businesses, government agencies, international organizations, private trade associations, public interest groups, legal aid offices, and universities.
Canadian Judges are drawn exclusively from Canada’s finest lawyers.
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Featured Regina Law Firm

McKercher LLP
Address: 500-2220 12th Avenue
Regina, SK S4P 0M8
Phone: (306) 565-6500
» bankruptcy, insolvency and receivership
» civil litigation
» construction law
» corporate and commercial law
» criminal law
» education law
» entertainment law
» family law
» first nations & aboriginal law
» government relations & public advocacy
» immigration
» intellectual property, trademark and information technology
» labour and employment
» non-profit, charitable and religious organizations
» wills, estates & taxation law
Regina Lawsuits Filed
Common Regina Lawsuits
Of the many lawsuits filed in Regina yearly, large numbers settle out of court. Common Regina lawsuits are:

1. Employment Lawsuits - North American unemployment rates include a certain percentage of Regina lawsuits against employers. Lawsuits are most often over wages, hour claims, discrimination and wrongful dismissal.

2. Contract Lawsuits - Regina breach of contract lawsuits are filed against companies that do not fulfill contractual obligations. Regina companies that do not deliver, do not complete services or do not fulfill documented, signed contracts may find themselves in lawsuits. Lawsuits may be the only way to resolve these legal disputes.

3. Personal Injury Lawsuits - While many frivolous lawsuits occur in this category, there are legitimate personal injury incidents, where Regina companies may be at fault. Collecting punitive damages means the plaintiff has to prove negligence, as well as malicious intent.

4. Product Liability / Fault Lawsuits - Liability lawsuits based on products may be due to faulty manufacturing, harmful chemicals, etc.

5. Intellectual Property /Patent Lawsuits - Common Regina intellectual property lawsuits involve trade secrets, industrial design rights, patents, copyrights and trademarks. Employees selling business trade secrets to competitors after losing employment and copying proprietary technology with intent to sell are common violations of Intellectual Property / patent laws that result in Regina IP / patent lawsuits.

Common Regina Lawsuits

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